Welcome to Amtoft Organizational psychology

My name is Mette Amtoft, and I have started the company Amtoft Organizational Psychology in 1987. The following is a short description of what we do.

Amtoft Organizational Psychology offers services based on organizational psychological professional expertise and methods developed in a close co-operation with clients and a highly qualified professional psychological network. Thus our products are always a combined result of the clients’ needs and the newest professional tendencies in the area of relations and processes.

Amtoft Organizational Psychology has in all the years been engaged in organizational development courses of longer duration, as well as education and competence development of leaders, project leaders, consultants and organizational psychologists within relation and process leadership. We are at the moment especially occupied with the organizations needs of new competences in a globalized time, which follows the very complicated conditions that you have to work under in modern organizations.

All our products are custom developed and extends from specific communication of psychological knowledge to counsel and process consultation.


Mette Amtoft